RHONJ’s Dina Manzo – Functioning well

Welcome back to my blog about the psychological disorders of the Real Housewives. Once again it is presented with the important disclaimer that while I have a legitimate degree in psychology I am not a practicing mental health professional. These blogs are meant for entertainment purposes only, mostly mine to be frank. I will add that comments are welcomed, in fact they are often more entertaining than the blog, so please join in the discussion.

There have been requests for analysis of Dina and also requests for examples of mental health. Killing two birds with one stone I present the case of Dina Manzo, formerly of the Real Housewives Of New Jersey. Dina has her flaws but overall I find her to be functioning well. Goodness knows leaving this load of craziness is a huge sign of mental health at the very least.

Dina is quirky, she has an energist and a bald cat she talks to like a human. She can be a bitch behind the scenes when she is organizing a charity event and she confronts people when she really should not. Dina can be clique-y, judgemental and she can poke her nose into where it does not belong. Whether you like her or not, none of it adds up to a disorder, not even a mild one.

She is actively involved in charity endeavors and seems to lead a full business life as well. I have seen many positive interactions with her daughter, who she seems to carry on a healthy relationship with. We don’t see much at all with her husband so I cannot judge there.

In her exit blog on Bravo, Dina stated ” do hope you all understand why I HAD to go. No amount of money, attention, fame etc. is worth my happiness. I am finally at a point in my life that I can truly say I am happy. Like I’ve said before, my life isn’t perfect … what is perfect anyway? But when I put my head on my pillow every night and  thank God for all my blessings, my last thank you is always for the ability to cut out any negative and strive for true peace in my life.” I feel it stated a true awareness of herself, she knew what she needed to do to improve her life and she did it. That is healthy.

I do think that the Real Housewives show is designed to cause emotional turmoil. I also think that the show creates a high level of stress that can bring any underlying mental issue these women may have to the surface. The show is not a healthy environment for anyone really. Most of these women are focused on the fame and attention they are getting as well as the opportunities to make money from it. It can take a toll on them and their families that may not be worth it but often they lack the self-awareness to realize it. The fact that Dina did really says she has better sense than most.

So I am calling her flawed a bit (like all of us) but I do not feel she is suffering from a psychological disorder.

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  5. bonbon says:

    Bravo to you, angel. I do believe you called this one right, also. The mere fact that she chose her sanity, child, marriage and peace of mind over the “fame” of being on a reality show, speaks volumes.

  6. karenne says:

    RE: Dina Manzo!
    Yes, right on the money!
    In the beginning of season One, I think she was “not being herself” when it came to the difficult parts of the show. It did seem as though her mind, was the mind of Caroline.
    Now, I realize that Caroline, was standing up for her younger sister, because she felt she needed to. Dina, has an artistic and emotional side to her, and its tender, but in the dealings with Danielle there is no place for tenderness because it is going to be The Target of all that is Danielle. The Danielle that would love nothing more than to bring down, the tender woman, that is Dina. I think Dina said it best in season one, “what does she want from me, to wear my skin like last years Versace?”
    When I heard that, I cringed because that is exactly what Danielle wanted, to Be Dina, or the Dina type in the show, failing that….get her out of the mix. Danielle can fight with Tough women, or so we thought, but with the sweeties, like Jacqueline and Dina, she either has to befriend them, or destroy them. So, Dina was underestimated, In my opinion, but this season, she came out with guns blazing, as I’M DINA, And YOU AIN’T GONNA BRING ME DOWN B_TCH! She stood up for herself, disagreed with Caroline in a polite way, and Caroline wasnt offended, she knew that Dina had stopped trying to be nice, and in Season Two, was going to Be Herself and wouldnt fight the one that was after her. Couldnt make friends, couldnt bring her down, and then, just got totally evil towards Dina, trying to bring her down by being EVIL.
    The remarks, the gossip, the untruths, the hatred comments on the show about Dina, and Dina, addressed her, told her you are out of my life, I have nothing to do with you and basically was telling Danielle…..YOU LOSE and implying “I have a life, outside of this stupid show and No one, is going to steal my joy by constant nastiness and Danielle didnt even get that, she made it about her own rights.
    Dina….BRAVO!!!!!! You are the Healthiest Housewife in every city so far!!!
    I miss Dina on the show, but I applaud her for leaving the show….Danielle was obsessed with Dina, but her family and I think her original plan was to be associated with the Manzo’s as their friend, which in her mind, would be Moving Up…in the community and in the show. …with her partner, on the show, with Andy after each new episode airs, I think maybe, Danielle not only wanted to be associated with for the reputation, but also with Dia, who she had a girl crush on, at the very least if not a full blown “oh my gosh, I got the hots” for her.
    once again…
    “what does she want to do? wear me like a skin…..?????”
    yep….Dina is a good mom, her daughter is so cute and just has the sweetest personality, and seems so well adjusted!!!! So, Dina must be a good mom.
    Hubby? We dont see him, although I did see their wedding on the other show, about Millionaire weddings. She loves her family, her passion for design and yet, when that gets too much, she pulled back for Lexi so she could spend the time with her more.
    All in All…a very healthy gal, that Dina!!!
    Plus, she has said, she doesnt immedietly make you best friends, she has her boundries.
    That is the problem with most of us….we no longer have boundries, and therefore we get wounded by the cons, and by the sociopaths in this world, who charm us so quickly, only to leave us poorer and emotionally drained.
    Not Dina. She has enough Self Care and Self Esteem to want to run her life, the way she feels is right, so she is honorable, she lives by what is right for her. She doesnt let anyone pull her along for the ride, just because the show is filming.
    IE…Caroline’s fundraiser for the Sheriff. Dina came, got filmed, as was required I’m sure and left. No drama just ok, I’m here, because I have to be. she didnt let herself get pulled into the drama, except to listen to Kim from Posche.
    Her big sister Caroline, made a remark about she didnt even leave a check…..or was that about Kim? no, it was about Dina. But, that just shows that Dina doesnt cow tow to anyone, not even big sister, Carolines needs to be RIGHT. (I like Caroline, but she is a “big sister” and so it was a blessing to see her as “little sister” at the lunch with her two older sisters….I have a feeling, that in the family, those kids all took care of one another alot. I mean, Emotionally and by the time Dina was born, the beautiful no doupt baby girl…well, she has to feel good about herself. The entire family, loving on her and she due to her tender heart, taking the good, then leaving the rest.
    Yes….Dina is healthy, in my opinion.
    and a nice person, she would be a good friend, loyal too.
    Ok…so she gets nervous getting ready for fundraisers for Project Ladybug….
    I disagree with you about that though.
    I think…..that because Dina would have been there helping any of the other women, if they had a charity. She would have been there to do the best for them. Why? Because she loves people and is loyal. And, when she yelled at the teenagers who werent helping, their moms should have taught them better. There comes a time, with women, in families of the heart, or with shared DNA, that the Older women, start to slow down, because they’ve been serving all along. Then, the women in Dina’s, Jacquelines, and Teresa’s age and time of life, put in the work. It is their time to serve and also, Teach the younger girls, their daughters, the neices and their friends, to not just be there to play but to be there to help out.
    I believe that is the way that Dina was raised, and so she got upset because she was HURT. I think J and T are a Hoot and I like them. But, they were acting like guests, laughing and drinking a cocktail, but with family privledge of being there ahead of time.
    Being Hurt, doesnt need to sound snappy, I agree.
    But, she didnt have time to teach them, or ask them. They should have known better.
    They probably thought the staff at Brownstone was “doing all the work” but they should have asked Dina, what could they do to help out? if nothing, then be FREE….go have fun.
    but that is how families learn how each individual is different. I imagine, that J and T wouldnt have expected a thing, because they want to do it themselves, and prove they can. But…I love them all.. even with the J and T “issues” about personality traits, I wont call them disorders, but after last weeks show….Teresa!!! well, she is from Patterson. hahaha, she is funny, and kind and good, no matter how tough. At least she can carry it out. Danielle and her boo hoo fake crap. but, in her acting, she got a lot of people to no longer like J and T. read the blogs. so, Dina was the Smart One, and saaw the S_it was really gonna hit the FAN….and like a smart healthy person, got the heck out of Dodge ! she is a good example of how to dodge bullets from crazy people.

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  8. A Dina fan says:

    I also agree with you that Dina is healthy because she chose her own happiness and serenity over fame and fortune.

    She told Andy Cohen she left RHONJ because she did not sign up for all the drama with Danielle. When she agreed to be on RHONJ she said she thought it was going to be about “our family.” She said the reality show brought Danielle in her life and it was too much stress to deal with her so she wanted out.

    Dina is not the type of person you usually find on a reality show. She is secure, doesn’t need attention to make her feel good and wants serenity in her life. Most reality show stars are narcissistic and drama queens who are looking for a career in show business. Reality shows are about drama and creating conflict between the cast mates. Dina is quiet, private and repeatedly said she didn’t like drama.

    Unlike most of the housewives, I don’t remember seeing Dina drink and she wasn’t into getting face lifts, tummy tucks, fake “boobies” and partying all the time. When she confronted Danielle, she told her she didn’t want her in her life because she didn’t want the stress and drama. She said it was about her and not Danielle, which is healthy. Of course, Danielle is not healthy so she couldn’t hear her so Dina sent her an email to make it clear that she did not want Danielle in her life. To make sure she didn’t have to interact with Danielle, she also left the show.

    Dina’s life is her family, her cats and Lady Bug, her children’s cancer foundation. She said she was grateful that the show gave her exposure for Lady Bug but she didn’t need the attention or fame or fortune that most reality stars need.

  9. Kimberly says:

    You called it right again. I agree completely. Dina is the first person in the history of reality TV to walk away from the faux fame. Brava to her!

  10. Mudcat says:

    I don’t think we saw enough of Dina to know what she is really like. I watched her million dollar wedding on UTube and was upset that her husband treated her the way he did. I thought he was a narcissistic ahole. How many times did he have her in tears. I’m not sure Danielle was the reason she left the show, although I think it was a very good move on her part. She seems like a very nice woman with much to give and I wish she could have a husband like Jason. She does not deserve to be mistreated or psychologically abused by anybody.

    • Kimberly says:

      I saw that too and came away thinking her husband was a promiscous (he admitted to cheating on her in that show with more than one woman), selfish, and belligerent creep. I was glad to see he was not featured on Real Housewives with her b/c I would be embarrassed for her if he treated her the same way.

  11. fuzzr says:

    Who is Jason? ^^

  12. onvacation says:

    Yes…I was surprised to see Dina’s husband on utube. As the editing played out, he was portrayed as the stereotypical jersey boy made good – flashy, insensitive, macho, materialistic – and I did want Dina to be with a softer type but the heart wants what the heart wants. The show also edited Dina to be pretty materialistic herself – I was shocked to see her buying some butterfly give-aways at $500 a pop – how many was she ordering, 100 or 1,000? It wasn’t the Dina we see now. I hope it was the editing.

    • Mudcat says:

      It may have been projection on my part, but I interpreted her spending so much as being her way to get back at him for not being more caring and romantic, a sort of you want to spend money, I’ll show you spending money attitude. I used to spend money when my husband threw himself into his work and ignored me.

      • Kimberly says:

        I got the same impression. Spend more=piss off Tommy. Like another writer noted, I wish for her a tender soul like Jason Hoppy (Bethenny Frankel’s hubby).

      • Not Buying It says:

        wonder what her first husband was like. probably one of these “tender souls” but she got bored with that and divorced him, most likely. karma!

  13. Mara says:

    I agree with this assessment, but some of the replies seem like they are putting Dina some sort of a pedestal. Yes, she did have a breast enlargement. Remember when she says her husband likes big breasts and if she had her druthers she’d have smaller ones? She was thinking about a breast reduction but I’m not sure if she did it.

    I think she seems like a good mom to Lexi. And I liked that when Danielle wanted to “drop the bomb” that Dina had worked in the hair salon, Dina matter of factly – without any embarrassment or shame – said yes she had worked there as a young adult. And really who cares if she worked there or not?

    I am interested in the whole gossipy thing that Lexi’s father was trying to seek custody because he was angry that Lexi was part of this reality tv show. So, did Dina take Lexi off the show because she thought it was best for her, or because her ex-husband was putting up a fuss? And somewhere I read or heard that Danielle is going to reveal the “real” reason Dina dropped off the show (and it’s not because she didn’t want drama) on the reunion show. But this could all be urban legend, as I said it’s just gossip!

    • amateur RH says:

      I think that Danielle told Andy on WWHL that she knew the real reason Dina left the show and maybe she would tell him during the Reunion show…..that’s what I remember anyway.

    • Elle says:

      Gotta love the former stripper calling someone else out for shamefully working at a hair salon. Not that I even think there’s anything terribly wrong with being a stripper if that’s what you need to do, but who do you think you are thinking you’re better than a hair salon employee? What a black hole of non-logic Danielle’s mind must be.

  14. Kat says:

    I was encouraged by the example Dina set in handling Danielle by establishing her boundaries. “I have the right to remove myself from situations that do not serve me in a positive way” is a wonderful example of self empowerment while disengaging from a hopeless situation. Dina’s choices, words & actions are a refreshing counterpoint to the chaos her cast mates seem mired in. It’s a shame that she couldn’t have found a comfortable way to continue as her charitableness, spiritual soul searching (including embracing a variety of philosophies) combined with a good sense of humor all while looking pretty fabulous by far make her the most interesting & appealing “housewife”. In much the same way Bethenny’s openness about going to therapy is wonderful in that it *may* encourage others to seek help or at least break down some of the stereotypes of who might seek therapy, I think Dina’s personal journey for balance & fulfillment could have been really inspiring to watch. Ah well, she made a good choice & for that I applaud her.

  15. I miss Dina.
    Wish Danielle would be removed from the show.

  16. I needalife says:

    I do not believe this woman who you diagnose as “functioning well” is okay, functioning or well. She had no problem marrying a man who cheated on her while ‘engaged’. She had no problem with subjecting her child to this mess concerning the second marriage? ( I am not sure if she was married to the father of the child ) or to the Vh1 wedding ‘show’ or the Bravo ‘show’ ( notice the use of the word ” show/s multiples”, as in TV ) . How can you say she is ‘functioning well’ ? She seems to be a case of a NPD at the very least. Why does anyone subject themselves, no less their child, to this kind of examination by the public at large? Is it is pure and simple ego? Once again, I do not see it as functional in any way shape or form. Only a thought. However, I feel for these “kids of the reality genre” Will it be the next leap for Bravo or the media at large?

    • Amy says:

      Hmmm… Dina functioning well. I don’t think so either. I don’t know what she was like before the Housewives, but she definitely had a smart mouth and swaggering attitude, which she tried to take back after Danielle scared the wits out of her.

      Last season wasn’t her tagline something like “If you think I am a bitch bring it on?” I thought that was somewhat challenging. Then Jax had a whole lot of trouble with Dina pushing her around in various scenarios, and obviously hated her in the finale when Jax erupted with “You’re a liar Dina!” My sister-in-law would have to have done something really awful to me to get me worked up enough to scream that she was a liar at a dinner with others present including said sister-in-law’s brother, and sister. Dina also acted like a nervous nelly at that dinner, which is the only reason I thought (at the time) that Danielle had any validity to what she was claiming about Dina and “the book.” Caroline had to step in to defend Dina, who was sputtering nonsense at crazy Danielle.

      Then this season Dina is seen talking to her cats in her kitchen, and having evil spirits burned out of her presence by some lady who also makes spirit bracelets for her. I thought Dina was having PTSD (I don’t know much about this, so I am not using this as a term of art) from dealing with Danielle, (who Dina claims was harassing her, and I believe it) such that she wasn’t filming much even with her own family. I think Theresa said Dina didn’t come to the fashion show with Gia because she was afraid she would see Danielle. Then she got the ridiculous idea to have it out with Daniel at a restaurant staging a public confrontation wherein Danielle could and did lose her cool at Dina. (I think big sis Caroline advised against doing this). Huh?

      Dina comes across as nervous, insecure, and more than a little bit wacky. She seems like someone who wants to hide from folks who scare her. I agree with Angel, I think the fact that she left the show does demonstrate that she has some sense , as well as the fact that she took her daughter off the show, but it also appears that Lexi’s father insisted that happen based upon Dina’s own comments on the subject. I also don’t fault her for wanting to stay away from someone dangerous such as Danielle (see what happeneded to Ashley). But Caroline hasn’t filmed with Danielle this season and doesn’tappear to be hiding from anyone. Dina is not as functional as big sis Caroline, who really is the master of most situations in which she finds herself. Dina, not so much. I don’t know what is wrong with her, but if something is wrong with Caroline’s mental health then I think something is wrong with Dina for sure.

      • Mara says:

        Wow, well said.

        What were Dina’s comments that lead you to believe that Lexi’s father insisted she leave the show? I don’t remember any.

      • OnVacation says:

        Yes….you really thought this out. Well done.

      • Bea says:

        I agree with you on some of what you point out about Dina. I don’t agree about Caroline. I think Caroline is NPD and started this whole “mean girls” bullying, witch hunt thing. Caroline lives in a huge class house (and even if she didn’t), doesn’t have the right to throw stones and gather up mean, mob posses to target one person because of her past.

        This all started with Dina and Caroline and Caroline took it to ruthless and ugly and then this year backed off and now acts like she’s so above it and wise and beyond it (after she started it, blew it up, and the followers, Jax and Teresa took up her cause, to target, ostracize and villify Danielle for her past life, and kept running with it).

        Also, I do not think Danielle has any responsibility in “what happened to Ashley”. Nothing happened “to” Ashley. Ashley herself behaved badly. She had a choice not to attack another human being. Ashley’s behavior is Ashley and only Ashley’s own fault. She is not a child. She is a young adult.

        If there is blame elsewhere in Ashley’s behavior besides herself, that would be the example her mother, Jacqueline has set for her her whole life and now. Jacqueline behaves like a confused and vicious teenager herself and Ashley is just following her mother’s lead.

        Danielle has her own issues but she is not responsible for any behavior of other people. What you think, do or say…is on you, not anybody else in this world.

        And, yes, Dina has also behaved badly and neurotically on this show and the VH1 show as well which points to her being any but functioning well or healthy.

  17. Amy says:


    As I recall from a news article from a couple of weeks ago, Dina stated that she left the show because Staub tried to instigate Lexi’s father to take custody of Lexi. Dina said that Lexi’s father knew she was filming the show and that Lexi told him about her filming acitivities while they occurred. After Dina’s ex saw the show, he was very unhappy with Lexi being on the show, and Danielle found this out and proceeded to insert herself in the situation and provide information to the father’s family which was meant to egg the dad on to go after Dina. Dina stated in the article that Lexi’s father wanted her off the show last year. Of course Dina may have come to this conclusion as well, but according to Dina, her ex was demanding Lexi’s non-participation in the future first.

  18. Bea says:

    I think Dina is healthier (than the very unhealthy others). However, I don’t think she is totally healthy. Has anyone see the audition tapes from the VH1 wedding show she did with her then husband to be, Tommy Manzo? So, not healthy.

    Dina’s behavior last year, early on, with her sister Caroline (being the lead bully while Dina played a victim while watching her big bully sister do the attacking and gathering up a mob of followers and mean girls on their target, Danielle)…also was not healthy.

    Healthy, well adjusted adults don’t marry men who cheat on them blatantly or engage in mean girl activities (while playing the soft harded victim hiding behind your sister’s big shadow while doing it also). Dina did all of this.

    Also, healthy adults own up to all, not one (lie of omission) reason for leaving the show. She probably did leave because of Danielle, partially. But, I am sure there are other reasons like she could see (because she isn’t as disordered as her sister and the others) just how bad she and her family and friends were looking on this show once she watched footage from the first year.

    Why do I think this? Because this year Dina sat with Caroline and Teresa and told them that she not only didn’t want to be involved in Danielle’s behavior anymore but she included “them” in it with Danielle. Caroline was not thrilled with this when she said it because Dina was no long (only) targeting their bullying “target”, Danielle, for behaving badly and screwed up, she was including her family and friends WITH Danielle in THEIR screwed up behavior, that she didn’t want to be a part of anymore.

    This makes me think that, yes, Dina, is healthier than the others. However, then she quits the show and targets only Danielle (the one they have all blamed for everything THEY do and everything in life in general, as is the behavior of “mean girls” bully types) and doesn’t own up to the very fact that she said this year that she didn’t want to be a part of her own family’s behaviors too, not just Danielle.

    I think Dina is an “echo” of sorts to Caroline’s Narcissus. I suspect she is a dependent personality of some kind (enmeshed with the likes of Caroline and now this Tommy, who treats her badly).

    I do not think Dina is fully healthy. If she were she probably would have never been on this show to begin with! lol Or that VH1 show admitting she was marrying a man who cheated on her a treats her badly.

    If Dina were truly healthy she would have moved from her sick family and reality TV and be more of an independent person, married to a man who treats her well, and not blaming others who are the target of bullies in her family, for her life decisions (playing the victim and victimizing the real victim/target of the bullying, another classic bully behavior, blame the target always for everything).

    No, I think Dina is the most palatable of these disordered women, but I still think she is disorded too.

  19. A Dina Fan says:

    I only watched a couple of the first episodes of the RHONJ first season and the finale and reunion show. My first impression of the first episode was that this was a Mafia family because of the women’s “tough” images. Caroline especially sounded like a member of the mob with her, “If you mess with my family. You mess with me.” Dina came across as a fighter with her: “If you think I am a bitch, bring it on” as did Danielle with “You either hate me or love me.” Theresa’s going berserk and throwing a table conflicted with her girlie “sweet” and “nice” image.

    I watched it this season until the country club brawl and stopped watching because I find the behavior of Ashley, Theresa, Jacqueline, Caroline and Danielle all disgusting. This season Dina was more sympathetic with her softer, more tolerant attitude. She said at the reunion last season she was willing to give Danielle another chance because she said she was “broken.” She also was less confrontive and more into achieving peace in her life. She set boundaries with Danielle and left the show because she didn’t want drama and conflict in her life, which was healthy.

    However, I don’t believe her relationship with her husband is healthy. I got the impression right off the bat that Dina married for money, not love. I didn’t watch the VH1 wedding show or see the video. But I am not surprised her husband treated her like trash. I believe Dina married into the Manzo family because she wanted the money and power that her big sister Caroline had. Dina was divorced and broke trying to raise a daughter when she married into the Manzo family. She even admitted she and her husband never saw each other because he worked all the time and that she enjoyed spending his money. She told Jacqueline she was afraid of her parents and did what she was told for fear of an “Italian beating.” She is used to being abused and she doesn’t see her husband except on “date night” so she can tolerate his cheating and verbal abuse. It’s more important to Dina to be a part of a rich powerful family than to be in a healthy relationship with her husband.

    However, I don’t believe this means she has a personality disorder. It just means she is insecure and a victim because of being raised in a dysfunctional family of 11 children where she was beaten if she didn’t tow the line and not treated with love and respect. Dina tolerates her husband’s cheating and verbal abuse because she is used to being a doormat.

  20. Mudcat says:

    I agree with your concerns about Dina and I suppose this is as good a time as s any to mention the internet rumors about her marriage. I was trying to resist, since it is tacky to participate in spreading rumors unless it can provide more understanding and sympathy and support for Dina. I read on one of the rumor mill sites that the real reason Dina left the show is because her husband has moved out and is openly living with a teenage girl. Now this is a rumor that could very well have been spread by Danielle or other gossip mongers and may not be true at all. If it is true it just supports the fact that all these women are living dishonest lives for the cameras and as a result their lives are falling apart. With the exception of Bethany, these shows seem to be ruining their marriages, their families, and their finances. No wonder only mentally unstable people want to participate in these shows.

    • A Dina Fan says:

      Mudcat, you’re right. These people are frauds and are being exposed in the media now they have opened their lives to the public. I would find it totally believable if Tommy Manzo was living with a teenager. The Manzo family believes they are above the law. Tommy’s and Albert’s father, Tiny Manzo was rubbed out by the maffia for skimming money off a mob casino. So it is possible Albert and Tommy are mobsters too and that’s where all the money comes from. Theresa’s husband Joe looks and acts like a mobster and Theresa acts like a Maffia princess with her hot temper, big mouth, big boobs, big spending and tiny brain.

      Last week Theresa brags onscreen about her husband being an entrepeneur (but she is not sure what that big word means) and shows off the pizzaria, laundromat and apartment house she claims her husband started. A day after the episode aired her attorney files documents denying that Theresa and Joe own the pizzaria and laundromat and states that they fail to disclose that income in their bankruptsy papers because his father owns them. We know Theresa is a big fat liar but we aren’t sure if she was lying onscreen or in her bankruptsy papers.

  21. Hey I love your blog. But I disagree with this one.

    I don’t think Dina appears healthy at all. Especially from interactions with her on twitter. She has an obsessive paranoia of anything she considers “negative”. I don’t think the fact that she left the show should be considered a sign of mental health. She is lying about the reasons why she left, I don’t know what the real truth is, but it’s not what she claimed.
    When she said she was happy she was clearly lying. Her unhappiness is visible in her interviews. Watch an ep from last season and one from this season back to back. Huge difference.
    Last season she was a confident bitch, this season she had some innocent / little girl / afraid of the world thing / allergic to anything not happy & nice thing going on. She is the same on twitter. She switches between childlike innocence and extreme bitchiness. Maybe she has split personalities? I don’t know. But no way she is normal.

    My current theory is that she read “The Secret” and took it a little too literally and is now afraid to hear/see/think anything even slightly negative and lives in constant fear that if she does something terrible will happen. Just a theory. Lol.

  22. Venture Capitalist looking for Blogs says:

    Lynnn kicked Wall St Lady off her blogg for no reason. Since Lynn presents herself as on who never deletes posts Lynn is a liar. So I guess u can’t believe ANYTHING she says ? Correct me if I a wrong.

    • amateur RH says:

      I’m sorry, you lost me….WHO is Lynn?

    • Bonnie says:

      You are wrong. She verbally sparred with her, but it all came out fine in the end. They both have respect for each other, and WSL was never kicked off.
      Amateur HW, this person is referring to LynnNChicago who has a blog entitled “I Hate Jill Zarin”.

  23. paezana says:

    Please do Teresa Guidice next – pretty PLEEAAASE!

  24. This is facinating stuff! I can’t wait to read more. I wonder if she will be returning now that Danielle is gone.

  25. Jan says:

    I hope you start a housewives of DC soon. I am anxious to hear your opinions on them.

  26. Jan says:

    Why did BRAVO put so many households of the same family on ONE show?

  27. Amy says:

    I hope you do another blog soon! I love reading these!!

  28. Terry says:

    Dear Angel:

    I wonder whether I might ask a favor, but to be done only if it does not take up too much of your time. Also, if you feel like doing it, obviously.

    I’d like to think of a person or a character who has passive-aggressive personality disorder. Can you think of anyone in fiction, reality TV, or such who has this affliction and whose behavior I can study?

    Thanks and thanks again for your fantastic blog. I read it many times and learned a great deal.


  29. rosie says:

    Angel, just found this website last nite and am fascinated by your analysis.

    All the HWONJ are very dysfuntional – last year I disliked Caroline and Dina immediately and totally. It took me longer to dislike the others.

    And wasn’t sure why. Your blog helped me figure it out. However, Dina is not the innocent or all that stable. She and Caroline are from a brood of 11 children and their parents are only in their late 60’s maybe early 70’s -I think in this family it was survival of the loudest, meanest, toughest , strongest – our family is gold and everyone else is crap attitude. It was the Laurita’s against everyone else.

    Also I remember Caroline saying when she was young she had to drive her fathers truck and haul Marble and stone in his business. Dina also said it was her job to do ALL the laundry when she was a kid. Their family used there kids as workhorses.

    I think Dina and Caroline use their swagger to hid some inferiority about their lack of education and their childhood. They try to get someone before someone gets them – they are constantly vigilant (paranoid) about who they let into THEIR world –

    Caroline said she does background checks on anyone who wants to be their friendor let around her family – would the Manzo’s pass this background check.
    How about Teresa and Joe. Those scam artists

    Dina and Caroline know had to fight and fight very dirty. Dina gets a lot more passes by her being younger, more attractive and acting a little softer. But she knows how to manipulate
    and intimidate as well as Caroline.

    Dina and Caroline say they are about family – They’re only about their family

    There is some paranoia going on with these two.

  30. Terry says:

    Thank you. I’ll think about it.

  31. Lee says:

    Love your insight of the housewives… and I’m hoping to get your analysis of the newest franchises, particularly the Salahis.

  32. NYConsultant says:

    Yeah lady what the heck, where have you been lately?! We need analysis on Bev Hills and the Salahis! Come back to us!

  33. Amy says:

    I’d love to see your blog come back and analyze the new Atlanta and Beverly Hills housewives!!!

  34. Jennifer Leanio says:

    Please come back! Would love to hear your thoughts on Camille Grammer, Phaedra, Nene, Kim…so much crazy going on lately!

  35. Tonia says:

    I LOVE reading all the profiles you’ve done of the housewives. I can’t to read your view of the housewives of Beverly Hills.

  36. Love all things housewives says:

    coming back anytime soon…

  37. Bloshka says:

    Are you really coming back to us? Saints above, I hope you do! I’ve missed you!

  38. Victoria says:

    Why is this old posting up? Dina left quite some time ago. Why are we not getting updated info on old members still there or anything on the new ones?

  39. Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter? Would love to follow you there, I’m on my iPhone and love reading your stuff!

  40. This is really the second blog, of your blog I really read.
    And yet I like this particular one, “RHONJs Dina Manzo – Functioning well
    | A Real Housewife’s View” the very best. Thanks -Andrew

  41. Jane smith says:

    Just now reading these. Totally spot on! Wish I had more to read 🥰

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